[Issue 069] The Best October Ever


Happy October!


I'm super excited because not only is my birthday two weeks away, but this month marks the one year anniversary of my launch of Above the Bottom Line's Patreon community

To celebrate, I'm offering a special promotion up until my birthday!

For those of you unfamiliar with Patreon, simply put: it's a way for individuals to support content creators they love. Most importantly, it's the best way for you to support the success of ABL.

My goal is to hit 250 patrons by Oct 14th , will you help me get there?

To become a patron: visit patreon.com/abovethebottomline, select your preferred level of contribution (starting at $1/mth) and voila! Plus, if you become a patron at the Coffee OfferingMinimum Wage or Living Wage tier, you'll get a special gift in October.


I absolutely love what I'm building with Above the Bottom Line, and I have so many aspirations. I can't think of a better way to celebrate than growing this community so that we can have even greater impact over the next year.

If you love ABL too, please join me in achieving that goal.



Yes, Facebook Is Using Your SFA Phone Number to Target You With Ads. Facebook has recently revealed that they give your phone number, which you provide for security reasons, to advertisers. There is also evidence that Facebook has used your contacts from your phone to collect details on those who have not provided their phone number on Facebook, as well. // TECHCRUNCH

How to Fix Your Toxic Culture. This article discusses toxic cultures at work, and that the main problem is not the “bad seeds” but rather the leaders who ignore the problem. It also talks about a study by Warble that shows ⅓ of people stay silent about workplace issues because their offender is the manager, or they fear losing their job. // FAST COMPANY

Protesters Call On Salesforce to End Contract With Border Patrol Agency. In downtown San Francisco, a dozen people protested Salesforce’s contract with the United States Customs and Border Patrol, which began in March. The protestors brought along a 14 foot, 800 pound cage to use as a prop to show examples of the facilities used by the CBP to separate migrant families. The protests began before the first day of Dreamforce, the Salesforce annual user conference. // TECHCRUNCH

Uber Pledges $10 Million to Eco-Friendly Causes In Cities. Uber made a series of announcements detailing it’s new plans to become a leader in sustainable mobility. They are committing $10 million over three years across multiple cities to support eco-friendly transportation. Examples of some of their plans are donating $250,000 to a nonprofit data sharing project, $1 Million to promote congestion pricing in New York, and charging stations for electric bikes in Sacramento, California. // THE VERGE

There’s A “Glass Cliff” For Asian-American CEOs, Too. Data has shown that Asian-Americans are least likely to be promoted to management unless the companies are in decline, then Asian Americans are 2 ½ times more likely to be appointed CEO, which researchers believe is driven by Asian-American stereotypes. This hiring phenomenon is a glass cliff for Asian-Americans, as they are hired into situations that are unstable and risky, making it harder for them to maintain their job. // QUARTZ

Court Rules Uber Can Force Drivers Into Arbitration Over Pay, Benefits. Uber drivers, who sued the company in order to gain the ability to pursue complaints as class action lawsuits instead of individual arbitration, which tends to favor the company instead of the employee, have recently lost their suit. The ruling was cited as precedent, however it leaves Uber drivers without regular employee benefits. // ENGADGET

Inside Italy’s Shadow Economy. This article takes a look at Italian luxury fashion brands, and how they produce their goods. Fashion brands, like MaxMara, tend to employ older women who work out of their home. They produce garments that can sell upwards of €2,000, while only receiving €1 per meter (about a yard) of fabric they sew. A luxury coat using 5 meters of fabric could take as much as 5 hours to complete sewing, which pays the seamstress only €5 for 5 hours of work. Factories have begun outsourcing their labor to smaller workshops or home seamstresses, while paying incredibly small rates, and this trend is very common among the fast fashion supply chain, and is especially prevalent among Italian made clothing. // NYTIMES


"I am a Patron because I love supporting others as they step out and do the things they love and are passionate about. There is something exhilarating about stepping off a ledge and actually being caught (in this case, financially) by people who want to see you win. Everyone should experience that at least once in their lifetimes. I also wanted to contribute to new voices discussing trends and happenings that matter to me."

 - A Minimum Wage tier patron on why she supports ABL

Lora Sipal