We keep watch on how companies respond to the biggest challenges facing humanity so you don’t have to.

The 2017 immigration ban left self-proclaimed corporate social responsibility crusader Nikita feeling helpless, angry, and in disbelief. A glimmer of hope arrived in the form of a growing and unprecedented list of companies speaking up and standing out against the administration.

Inspired by the need for more CEO activism, Nikita quickly took action. Nikita channeled her humor and business sense into creating Above the Bottom Line (ABL). Within 48 hours, a small idea anchored in accountability transformed into a community with a newsletter that now reaches thousands across the country every week. ABL was recently ranked as one of the best business newsletters by Fortune.


  • collective responsibility. We all play a role in protecting the planet, not just corporations. We all have the personal power to make better choices. Together, our individual choices towards a sustainable future.

  • better business. Companies serve people, and the people demand moral responsibility. Better business prioritizes people and the planet above profits. As consumers, we keep companies in check by staying informed and making meaningful choices at checkout.

  • being better humans. We believe in celebrating success, replicating what works, and letting go of what doesn’t. Change is never easy and mistakes are bound to happen, but meaningful choices - no matter how big or small - are steps towards progress.


Nikita T. Mitchell, Founder

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Tech employee by day and corporate responsibility crusader by night, Nikita enjoys bridging the gap between the jargon-filled corporate social responsibility (CSR) world and the everyday conversations happening in the real world. In her free time you can find her catching up on her never ending reading list, training for a half-marathon or planning her next vacation.

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Lora Sipal, Fearless Intern

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Lora is a fashion design student at North Carolina State University who is incredibly passionate about social issues in the fashion industry. Her ultimate career goal is to one day run a sustainable and body positive lingerie brand. Currently, however, she loves researching and working with Above the Bottom Line and ethical business! 

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