We keep watch on how companies respond to the biggest challenges facing humanity so you don’t have to.

At Above the Bottom Line, we demand a more equitable world where companies do not profit at the expense of people or the planet. Informed consumers will spark this powerful paradigm shift.

  • in collective responsibility. We all play a role in solving issues that impact our lives. We are people who want to be part of the solution, and not the problem. We are people who want to live in a more equitable world that will sustain life for generations to come.

  • in accountability. Companies must start prioritizing people and the planet for sustainable, long-term success. Humanity is impacted by everyday by reckless corporate behavior. Consumers are the people that companies serve and we demand ethical alternatives.

  • in bold action. Corporations can no longer keep quiet or stay on the sidelines on social, environmental and political issues. We demand to know where they stand, and as consumers, we have the power to influence how companies behave. We write the paychecks for CEOs



Nikita T. Mitchell, Founder

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I'm a tech employee by day and corporate responsibility crusader by night. I enjoy bridging the gap between the jargon-filled corporate social responsibility (CSR) world and the everyday conversations happening in the real world. In my free time you can find me catching up on my never ending reading list, training for a half-marathon or planning my next vacation.

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Lora Sipal, Fearless Intern

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I am a fashion design student at NC State University, and I am incredibly passionate about social issues in the fashion industry. My ultimate career goal is to one day run a sustainable and body positive lingerie brand. Currently, however, I am loving researching and working with Above the Bottom Line and ethical business! 

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