[Issue 060] Get smarter with these podcast recommendations 🤓


Today I'm in NYC for the launch of a major health campaign that my partner and I have been working on for the last several months focused on black women's health. The PSA went live this morning on InstagramFacebook and Twitter. While unrelated to ABL, I would love for you to check it out and please share with your networks!

For this week's newsletter I thought I'd share a few podcasts that I've enjoyed listening to recently. From the 🔥 topic of nondisclosure agreements (Uber) to systemic pay discrimination (Goldman Sachs), these five episodes will have you feeling smarter and more prepared to fight the good fight.



NDA Tell-All

How did we go from using NDAs to protect secret formulas, to covering up sexual harassment? Today on the show: We go on a quest to find the answer. We talk to a lawyer, meet one of the most famous NDA breakers of all time, and figure out the loopholes that might make an NDA breakable...legally. [Planet Money]

Inside Amazon’s Big Showdown With Seattle

After years of double-digit growth in home prices, homelessness is surging and the city council was weighing a tax on big businesses to fund new affordable housing. But Amazon, Seattle's largest employer, threatened to curtail its expansion plans in the city if the tax took effect. Bloomberg Technology's Karen Weise and Brad Stone explore the showdown between one of the world's largest companies and a city that has experienced both the benefits and drawbacks of Amazon's meteoric growth. [Decrypted]

Does Doing Good Give You License to Be Bad?

Corporate Social Responsibility programs can attract better job applicants who’ll work for less money. But they also encourage employees to misbehave. Don’t laugh — you too probably engage in “moral licensing,” even if you don’t know it. [Freakonomics Radio]

A Big, Expensive, Global Mystery

In the first episode of The Pay Check, we go deep on pay discrimination. Host Rebecca Greenfield tells us about an equal pay fight in her own family. We take you inside a gender discrimination case against Goldman Sachs that’s been unfolding for over a decade. And we look at how companies magically make their pay gaps disappear—without actually paying women more.  [THE PAY CHECK]

Class Actions

Class actions have been around for centuries.Today, thousands of class actions are filed every year. Some of them are still about civil rights. But they're also about things questions like: Is there enough pepper in this tin of pepper? On today's show, we find out how we got here, and ask whether this is a good way to do things. [Planet Money]


Next week I'll be sharing my latest ABL project! One word hint: podcast.

Patrons can check it out now, but here's a "sneak peak" for everyone else in the meantime: 

“It's wild to think that it is a standard mentality [in business] to dehumanize the impact of something and elevate the financial impact, as if money can spend itself.”

— Camiel Irving, ABL subscriber and patron

Nikita T. Mitchell