3 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to Above the Bottom Line (Like right now)

Above the Bottom Line (ABL) is a weekly newsletter that looks at how the world's most influential companies are taking a stance on the issues you care about. Here are 3 reasons why you need it in your life:

It keeps me informed about all the corporate fuckery happening. Reminds me of The Skimm but feels more relevant, and I love the voice/tone.
— Leniece, ABL subscriber

| 1 | Timely updates on the news you want to read

You care about the world we live in, and maybe you’ve been disappointed with the recent corporate responses to social issues. You may even believe that corporations should be held to a much higher standard than they currently are. Every Tuesday, ABL hits your inbox with the latest and greatest on how your faves (and not so faves) are living up to your expectations. Plus extensive research has shown it will make you smarter.*

| 2 | Action oriented

Maybe you feel overwhelmed and outraged about how much is going wrong with the world. If you’re someone who wants to stay informed but also wants to effect change, then this is for you. ABL readers have found it helpful to read suggested actions they can take — everything from how to contact a company’s leadership to where to redirect your hard-earned money when boycotting another company.

| 3 | Just enough humor and Positivity

The news can feel depressing. Imbued with sarcasm, the perfect GIFs, and a splash of positivity for your week, ABL is not like any other news source that hits your inbox. Readers say that its a great balance of serious and humor, thus always maintaining a tone that holds organizations accountable for their actions.

* Unsubstantiated claim

It would be easy for ABL to be dirgelike, but you’ve got a great balance of wry humor while still holding these organizations accountable for what they’re doing or not doing.
— ABL Subscriber